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C & E

Last week a buddy posted pictures of his kids in their costumes and they were so freakin' adorable I had to do a quick sketch. I really love home-made costumes. In '84 or '85 when I was nine or ten I was a Ghostbuster with a suit and an old canister vacuum strapped to my back. I felt like a million bucks, and you can totally see that on C & E's faces in the pictures my friend took.
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Happy Thursday!


Thor! How great is Thor?! This was just going to be a pencil sketch, but before too long it smote all other competitors on my to-do list in order to hasten my ascendence as Jesse: God of Procrastination. With a single tap of my mouse, I can read about cheese. By my side, a ukelele. And, as Atlas supports the Heavens, forever trying to catch what my cat knocks off my desk.


I did a piece for the Repaneled blog where artists reinterpret a panel from a comic in their own style. I repanneled The Fantastic Four #23, by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and George Roussos. You can see the original panel and my piece side by side here.

How awesome is the Astonishing Ant-Man?

Very awesome.
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