C & E

Last week a buddy posted pictures of his kids in their costumes and they were so freakin' adorable I had to do a quick sketch. I really love home-made costumes. In '84 or '85 when I was nine or ten I was a Ghostbuster with a suit and an old canister vacuum strapped to my back. I felt like a million bucks, and you can totally see that on C & E's faces in the pictures my friend took.
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New Studio

We moved to Kansas City last month and I've spent that time unpacking, setting up, and working amidst the chaos. Things have finally started to calm down and we are starting to live like normal human beings again. Here's my studio:


One thing I want to highlight is the beautiful computer stand my friend Nathan made for me.


In the last few years, Nathan, in addition to all the other things he can do/ is learning to do, became a carpenter. He gave Ruth and I a beautiful plant stand as a going away gift. He asked if there was anything I needed in the studio, and I immediately thought of this. I had been using a rickety plastic plate stand I got from Alco, that never quite seemed up to the task. Now I come into work and have this beautiful, strong work of art that really makes my day every time I see it. I'm also humbled by people who learn and make new wonderful things that solve problems. So thank you, Nathan.

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Ladies and Gentlemen...


The little Fox Queen


Heartbreak Lake


Just returned from Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota. This is the longest I've ever seen Ruth stand still, so I had to take advantage of the situation.

Snooping Little Cub

I'm not a speed painter. I like taking my time, futzing and fitzing and getting things right. Recently I was asked to contribute to a local flute and piano duo's program combining images and music by illustrating a few pieces. Rather than just provide a final image for the audience to view, I provided a video showing my work, and telling a short story (maybe the shortest). The piece is only 3 minutes long, which is too short for me to draw anything nice, so I set the timer for 6 minutes (which is still too short for me to draw anything nice) and sped up the video 2x. After I figured out what to draw, I did several practice rounds, figured out where I needed to be at what time to end up with something that looked finished, opened up all my digital tools I would need for quick access, and got to it.
There's something amazingly difficult about recording yourself performing. It's one thing to draw or play an instrument by yourself in a little room, but performing in front of others is a different skill, and something you get better at by practicing. After a few pitiful tries I got the hang of it. What I ended up with is not perfect, and part of me can't stand that, but at the same time I'm also really happy with how it turned out.
The video above is sped up to only a minute.
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Camp Sing


I've been involved with Camp Mennoscah for years and have been happy to help cool things happen even if I'm not out there every summer.

Hippo Magician

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Whoopsy Daisy

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